6 Best Tips for Yoga Inspired Fashion and Beauty

Yoga is more than a physical workout. It carries lessons about life and lifestyles that can affect every aspect of your everyday life, from your moods to your fashion choices. Here we will talk about tips inspired by yoga and its practices that you can use to improve and enhance your fashion and beauty habits.

1. Go natural 

Yoga teaches you to act and move in accordance with your body’s abilities and needs. In fashion and beauty, this could mean seeking out products that are free of chemicals or it could mean wearing clothes such as yoga leggings that fit your personality as well as who you want to be. Bring this lesson into your life in whatever way feels right for you.

2. Shift your focus

In yoga and in meditation, practitioners are taught to take their practice inward, to cultivate deeper strengths and beauties within the mind and the heart. Fashion and beauty are important, but they are also external, impermanent and arbitrary. If you truly want to be beautiful, then cultivate inner as well as outer beauty.

3. Ground yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in the need to consume, to buy beyond our needs and cause ourselves all kinds of problems, both financial and social. Yoga teaches us to have a strong, solid base before we reach for more, and this is a good lesson for both our mental life as well as our financial and social lives.

4. Be real

In yoga, this means accepting your body as it is. In fashion and beauty, it means not hiding behind our clothes or our make-up, accepting our form and face for what they are. If you are using any aspect of fashion to hide or restrict yourself, then try to remember acceptance the next time you go shopping.

5. Be comfortable

This is especially a lesson for every woman who has ever worn shoes so high and so tight that they cause damage. In yoga, you help your body to move into the poses naturally and in a way that does not cause pain. Pain means damage, it means you are going in the wrong direction. Many people need to use this lesson in their fashion choices.

6. Celebrate beauty

There is something really beautiful about yoga. Whether you believe in the spiritual practices or just revel in the feel of the movements, yoga is about cultivating and celebrating beauty in all sorts of forms. Carry this over into your fashion practices as well. If your eyes are beautiful, play them up and enjoy them. Don’t feel guilty or shallow. Beauty is one of the greatest gifts of life.

Yoga encourages calmness and acceptance. It teaches inner and outer strength and the importance of training the body and the mind to attain a better, more natural way of living. If you want to bring some of these elements to your everyday life, then allow the teachings you take from yoga to permeate and change every aspect of your life.

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